Source: Global Times

China’s F Visas are issued to people who are visiting the Chinese mainland for the purpose of exchanges, study tours and similar activities. Note that this is not the same as the L Visa, aka the “Tourist Visa”. 


Application requirements

To apply for an F Visa, the following information must be handed in at your nearest Chinese embassy, consulate or (in some countries) official visa processing center. If you are travelling on behalf an organization, the organization need to take care of these documents:

  1. Completed visa application form.
  2. One recent passport-size photograph with white or blue background.
  3. Original, signed passport (with at least six months before expiration).
  4. Evidence of previous Chinese visa (if you have previously received a Chinese visa).
  5. Money for visa application fee.
  6. Original copy of visa notification/invitation letter from relevant authority, company or institution in China.
  7. Covering letter from applicant’s company or office.
  8. Confirmed return flight ticket (original and and photocopy).
  9. Hotel booking information.

Note: Application forms for visas and authentication or notarization can usually all be downloaded from the websites of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate General in your country, or collected from the visa section in person. You can try to download from  this page.



  1. Up to 90 days for single entry.
  2. Up to 180 days for double entry.
  3. Up to 365 days for multiple entry.

Maximum stay per entry in China: 30 days 

Remember that ‘validity’ just means how long you have to attempt to enter China on that visa from the day it is supplied, not how long you can actually spend in the country.


Visa Extention

With this visa, it’s possible to extend your visit to mainland China.


Working Permission

You cannot work in Mainland China using this type of visa.

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