Metro Line 1 is Coming Tomorrow!

Local News harry published at 2015/10/29 09:28

Metro Line 1 will start on this Friday, October 30th! Not all the stop can be used, but you can try the route from Yao Jia station to Fu Guo Jie station.



0-6 km: 2 RMB

6-12 km: 3 RMB

12-18 km: 4 RMB

18-26 km: 5 RMB

26-34 km: 6 RMB


Working Time: 

Yao jia Station: 06:22-21:32

姚家站/Yáo jiā zhàn:06:22-21:32, 

Fuguo Station: 06:25-21:35

富国街/Fùguó jiē zhàn:06:25-21:35



Interval Time: 

10 minutes  

More Info:


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