The Dalian Forest Zoo was moved from the downtown center into the top south part of Dalian city-a scenic place named white cloud mountain landscape on October 15, 1995 with hills at the back and the sea in the front. It covers an area of 7.2 square kilometers; the planning area is 80 hectare. More than 150 species and more than 200 animals in numbers are shown here. The zoo formally opened to the public on May 24, 1997.

The animal showing can be divided into several zones, such as functional zone, grazer zone, lion & tiger hill, primate zone, bear hill, Asian elephant zone, comprehensive nature protection zone, all of which are connected by three overpass bridges straight into the north and the south.

Sitting in the 1-kilometer-long elevated sightseeing car, you can overlook the whole view of the 20-hectare-sized a park within a park, you can also see a falling music square with a decoration of 12 earthly branches, a laminated waterfall, Yan Shui lake, birds heaven, peacock garden, apricot flower garden, silver river square, etc.

This elevated sightseeing car takes you to an elevation of 259.6 meters, from which you can enjoy the full view of the zoo and also the whole Dalian city. Some services are available in the zoo, such as the barrier-free pass, special cars for babies and disabled people, public phone booths, restaurants, entertainment facilities for children, etc. All of which provide much convenience for the tourists.


Comprehensive Show Zone

This comprehensive show zone covers an area of 6 hectare, the modern equatorial rain forest zone, rare stone collection room, panda rooms in all kinds of sizes, seal performance room, amphibian animals rooms, science room, animal’s specimen room and small animals village etc., are within it. In the zone, you can see some gentle and lovely flamingo, grey kangaroo, spotted deer, rock sheep, etc. There is also a climbing sports place for children exercise, a turf and a doodle wall available there. The show zone is situated 40 meters higher than the center square, two elevators will bring you there. The whole zone is filled with every taste of nature, stating the subject ” Animals are the human beings’ friends forever”.

Primate Animal Zone

This zone is composed of three parts, orangutan room, baboon hill and monkey hill which covers an area of 1 hectare. This zone is also built upon rolling hills. The main animal here is black orangutan, the famous animal movie star named MaoMao also lives here after retirement. Other primate animals include national first-class rare animal golden monkey, gibbon, black leaf monkey, bear monkey, national second-class rare animals, such as bruh, Guangxi monkey, other imported animals, such as Albert baboon and Anubis baboon.

Tiger Hill

The tiger hill was built upon a rolling mountain hill with an area of 2 hectare, grand and broad. Perfect environment and mild climate have the northeastern tigers and African lions live here comfortable and cozy. Here we have 18 northeastern tigers and 5 African lions. A well-known group of 6 tigers and lions is living here in an air of good friendship. The tiger hill can be divided into 6 parts, including 3 sports grounds, one breeding place, one sightseeing site and one academic report hall.

Bear and Lion Hill

The bear & lion hill was built based on the shapes of the land, which covers an area of 1 hectare, facing the lion and tiger hill. The main animals there are black bears, other brown bears and Malaysia bears. They are so clever that they can give audience many wonderful performances under the education of the feeder. They make people laugh by doing circling, shaking hands, looping

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the loop, etc. There are also other animals showed here, such as leopard, ounce, lynx, wolf, etc., A comprehensive performance stand with 400 seats is located here, showing all-time performances to the tourists.


Grazer Animals Zone

This zone may be the leader zone in our zoo with an area of 3 hectares. So many grazer animals are living here, such as giraffe, zebra, golden-wool akin, short horse, elk, red deer, yak, etc. The giraffe’s house was built in European style. Seeing the Holland windmill can make you have a sense of travelling in Europe. This zone can also be regarded as a garden for grazers. In order to balance this beautiful environment, some flocks of peacocks, emus and crown cranes are living here. The cultural arts show room adds cultural air to the grazer animal zone. In order to keep our dead animals in our minds, the specially set up animal cemetery takes the animals closer to the human beings.

Opening hours:

Summer: 7:30AM – 5:30PM (special changes for some celebrations and holidays)

Winter: 8:00AM – 4:30PM.


Schedule of Show

Asian Elephant Show

MorningAfternoon 9:30 – 10:30 am13:30- 15:00 pm

Seal Show

MorningAfternoon 9:30 – 10:30 am13:30- 15:00 pm


MorningAfternoon 9:30 – 10:30 am13:30- 15:00 pm

Crane Flight

MorningAfternoon 10:00 am14:00 pm

Entrance Fees and some special discounts:

  • Adult: 120 RMB
  • Child (1.1 m- 1.4 m): 60 RMB
  • Children with the height within 1 meter or below: free
  • Soldiers on active service, retired cadres, disabled people and citizens aged above 70 with relevant identification cards : free
  • Newly married couples : free of charge for taking pictures in the zoo
  • University students in one group: discount of 50 percent
  • Other students in one group: discount of 60 percent
  • Pupils in one group: discount of 70 percent.
  • People more than 500 in numbers from other cities for summer holiday: discount of 50 percent.

Contact Information:

Tel. Number:0086-411-82495072



zoo map

How to go there:


You can show the address :

中国大连市西岗区南石道街迎春路60号 (Zhōngguó dàlián shì xī gǎng qū nán shídào jiē yíngchūn lù 60 hào)

or simply say

Sēnlín dòngwùyuán (森林动物园)


公交 525, 529, 715 路,在森林动物园

gōng jiāo 525, 529, 715 lù ,zài sēnlín dòngwùyuán

  • Bus No. 5, 501, 541,702 get off at South Gate of the Zoo

公交 5, 501, 541, 702 路,在森林动物园南门

gōng jiāo 5, 501, 541, 702 lù ,zài sēnlín dòngwùyuán nán mén

(If you click on the number of bus, it will direct you to the complete bus route.)

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