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The Team

Dalian Laowai (大连老外, dà lián lǎo wài ) is a website and local information hub dedicated to help and serve foreign friends to live a better life in Dalian. This site sets out to help foreigners who are going to stay in Dalian for a relatively long period of time and are interested in learning and living as locals, and also those who could not speak much Chinese language and still need time to adjust to life here.


The Team

luheHarry Lu

Harry had the idea for DalianLaowai since 2011, and he waited for someone else to do it since the problems were so obvious.  He is fed up with waiting after 3 years, so he started the place and provided the vision and direction for DalianLaowai.  You can contact him at . Harry is founder of Dalian FOCUSONE Technology Co. Ltd(大连福柯思文科技有限公司), a mobile app company.  Dalian FOCUSONE provided the initial tech support and capital for DalianLaowai.  This is their company blog.



Jessie Qi

Jessie takes care of all things about design for Dalian Laowai. She is a “Dalian Girl”.  She has a cat and she loves beautiful things. She likes photography and enjoying the warmth of sunshine on the balcony. When she is not doing design, she is looking for good and fun places in Dalian.



Regina Nicole Latidjan

Regina or also known as Nicky is a bachelor student of GIME/ DUFE from Indonesia. Now, she’s working as an intern  that responsible of marketing and content of Dalian Laowai. She likes trying new types of food, traveling and blogging in her free time.





Tafadzwa Makamure

Tafadzwa, known as FiFi,菲菲 is an undergraduate at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics from Zimbabwe. She is an intern and is responsible for designing the  meet-ups. She is a huge dog lover, has four dogs. Loves to dance, listening to music, and meeting new people. 


Laura Wang

Laura is a sophomore at Dalian University of Foreign Language and now working as an intern. She is responsible for information collection and connection making. She loves movies, music, traveling and meeting new friends.


Our Alumnus


Eva Su

Eva is the Web Content Manager for Dalian Laowai.  She graduated from Dalian University of Foreign Language with a major in English.   She worked as International Program Assistant for 2 years.  She is interested in cross culture communication.



Bonnie 李

She is Bonnie a student at Dalian Neusoft University of Information. She likes dancing and listening to music. She was an assistant that responsible of daily operation.







Maria Lediaeva

Maria was fresh graduate of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. She was an intern and responsible for development of Wechat platform. She is in love with music, good movies and nature.




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