G495 high speed railway/G495次高铁列车


G495 high speed railway



Starting July 1st, Dalian North Railway Station will increase a G495 train that runs from Dalian North to Beijing South, stopping only at Tianjin West Railway Station. Dalian to Beijing will now only take 4 hours and 32 minutes. Passengers can eat breakfast before getting on the train and get off at noon for lunch. There is no need to have lunch on the train.


Dalian North to Beijing South (G495)

大连北至北京南G495 次

Dalian North: 07:20 

Tian Jin West: 11:11

Beijing South: 11:52

始发 大连北:07:20 

到达 天津西:11:11 

终到 北京南:11:52

Beijing South to Dalian North (G497)


Beijing South: 12:15

Tian Jin West: 12:50

Dalian North: 16:47

始发 北京南:12:15

到达 天津西:12:50

终到 大连北: 16:47

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