Fuyin City Music Center | 福音城市音乐馆(中英文版)

Situated in the busy Xigang District, close to the Olympia shopping mall and opposite to Walmart, the newly opened City Music Center will leave you breathless. 


As you enter it, you will be surrounded by a lively, joyful atmosphere. 


The place is very spacious, bright, and filled with music playing in the background. What will immediately catch your attention is the big ornament hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the building with white big birds flying.


The first floor is all about Chinese classical music.  All around, there are some typical instruments displayed and rooms where you can practice by yourself, with a teacher, or play together in a group.


As you go downstairs you will find several shops where you can buy different instruments. 


There is a Yamaha and a Shimmel store selling many kinds of pianos, a guitar store providing a wide selection to choose from, a shop with the typical Chinese instruments, such as yangqin, hulusi, the 2-string fiddle erhu, bamboo flute, and pipa. 


Apart from that, there is a section made for piano players with many soundproof rooms to practice in as well as a whole corridor for guitar players decorated with rock ’n roll style paintings and pictures. 


Close to the stairs there is also a bar where you can enjoy a little break sipping coffee, tea, eating a simple meal or you can wonder around the bookshop and sit down to read. 


Whether you’re a passionate player or a music lover, then why not visit the Fuyin City Music Center? 



Address: Dalian, Xigang District, 15 Minyun Road

Opening times: 9.00-18.00

Ticket price: free entrance


Take bus No.18/23/406/410/531/701/901, get off at Wansui Street Station (Wànsuì jiē zhàn) and walk from there to reach the destination.






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