About Brooklyn Bar: Coming all the way from New York, Brooklyn Bar and Restaurant is an independently owned business who aims to bring a diverse, unique and vibrant dining experience to Dalian.We bring to the table a style of food that combines modern creative and traditional authentic American food in a Brooklyn-styled restaurant experience. Our ingredients are sourced both locally and internationally to guarantee we meet the highest standards in food quality. These ingredients perfectly compliment our house made bread, desserts, sauces and sausages, which we freshly prepare and make daily. We are immensely proud to make all our own food in house. The only thing we care more about than what ingredients go into our kitchen, is the food that comes out of it. Call us fussy, but if the food doesn’t pass the standards of our trained & professional chefs, we won’t let it leave our kitchen. Another thing very important to us is our staff. We’ve always treated our employees like they’re family because we firmly believe that happy employees makes for better tasting food! So rest assured that you are getting the best quality and best service when you dine at Brooklyn! It is our hope that every customer that walks in our doors, leaves with a smile on their face and a dining experience they won’t forget! We don’t hope you enjoy your food… WE KNOW YOU WILL!
We (Dalian Laowai crews) have been there and try what they offer. We approved the message that they sent and literally feel the American Bar’s experience. The bar has great vibe with good choices of food. The great thing is it’s not only just a simple bar that you imagine, but also a place to hang out if you just want to eat food at night.


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184 Bulao Jie Xigang District | Wanda Huafu 2nd Phase, north of Huanghe Road, Dalian 116011, China
Traffic: You can take Bus to Datong Jie stop (大同街) by 7 , 201  ,528 ,707
Opening hour: Monday- Sunday 11:00-24:00; Friday and Saturday open until 2:00 am. Delivery area within 3 km.
Reservation/ Delivery: 0411-86867426