Dalian Discovery Kingdom or 大连发现王国, also referred to as Dalian Discoveryland or Kingdom of Discovery, is an amusement park located at Jinshitan National Holiday Resort in Jinzhou District in the city of Dalian. Opened in 2006, it is currently the largest amusement park in the Liaoning Province in China.



The Discoveryland is divided into six themed areas: Crazy Town, Mysterious Desert, Metal Factory, Magic Forest, Legend Castle and Wedding Palace. As of 2014, the theme park features three sets of roller coasters, two water rides, a vertical drop tower and other attractions which make up approximately twenty rides in total. The most notable feature of the park is a giant stony-looking fortress built within a small lake in the centre. During the theme parks’ opening season a parade roams through the internal paths at noon everyday, entertaining the visitors. At night fireworks are set off for the leaving visitors seeing their final exhibition. The theme park is closed during winter season.


Diversity and Status

The diversity of both the employees, staff and visitors in Dalian Discovery Kingdom is great. Although they are mostly of Chinese nationality, the visitors and workers include people from across the world – as far away as countries in Europe and Oceania. Dalian Discovery Kingdom is considered the most attractive theme park in the Liaoning Province as well as the Northeastern region of China.


  • Dalian Discovery Kingdom, Jinshitan National Resort Community, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dalian 116600, China
  • 116600经济技术开发区金石滩国家旅游度假区内 (116600 Jīngjì jìshù kāifā qū jīnshí tān guójiā lǚyóu dùjià qū nèi)

Tel: 0411 8790 0000


  • Adults: RMB 190
  • Students: RMB125

Opening hours:  

  • Day: 09:00-16:00
  • Evening 16:00-21:00(May-October)

How to go there:

  • Metro: Line 1,2 stop at  金石滩 (Jīnshí tān)
  • By taxi: Simply say 大连发现王国 (Dàlián fāxiàn wángguó)

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